what is house seats ?

what is house seats ?

· house seats is a fast-growing community comprised of local subscribing members.

· our members can reserve FREE tickets from the house seats website so they can try a wide variety of live entertainment, shows and events.


how does it work ?


· our members have access to complimentary  tickets for a wide variety of shows and events via the house seats website.

· as a member, you can try different entertainment to see what you might have been missing.

· house seats is an excellent way to expand your entertainment horizon and try shows or events that you have not seen in the past.

· after a show or event, we send attending members a survey link about the show.  This is your opportunity to give valuable feedback directly to show management.

why do venues  give you the tickets ?


· we all know that an event is more successful when there is a full house.

· more people create more energy and everyone has a more enjoyable time. 

· we also help create buzz and awareness of the event by posting notifications on our website to all our members. 

· we also provide valuable feedback to the venue when our members complete their post event survey.

how do people hear about house seats ?


· mostly by word-of-mouth, it’s amazing how effective it is.

· our members tell their friends and family or give a membership as a gift.

· we also have a referral link that rewards members for bringing new members to house seats.

how much does it cost ?


· we have three membership levels starting at $39(+tax), with our most popular membership being $ 89(+tax), for an entire year

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